Showcase Page

Have you looked at the ShowcaseExamples page of this blog? If not, a quick visit might yield some interesting reading, including freely available articles from the Bulletin of the German Historical Institute (Washington, DC):

  • Pamela H. Smith, “Why Write a Book? From Lived Experience to the Written Word in Early Modern Europe” (Fall 2010)
  • Ricky W. Law, “Knowledge is Power: The Interwar German and Japanese Mass Media in the Making of the Axis” (Spring 2014)
  • Simone Lässig, “The History of Knowledge and the Expansion of the Historical Research Agenda” (Fall 2016)
  • Kerstin von der Krone, “Old and New Orders of Knowledge in Modern Jewish History” (Fall 2016)
  • Anna Echterhölter, “Data, Diplomacy, and Liberalism: August Ferdinand Lueder’s Critique of German Descriptive Statistics” (Fall 2016)