Eulenspiegel, the Ass and the Learned Doctors of Erfurt

“Eulenspiegel, the ass and the learned doctors of Erfurt,” drawn by Eugen Klimsch, via New York Public Library Digital Collections.

To learn more about the fun being had here at the scholars’ expense, see Albrecht Classen, “Laughter as the Ultimate Epistemological Vehicle in the Hands of Till Eulenspiegel,” Neophilologus 92 (2008): 471–89. To read the story in English, see The Marvellous Adventures and Rare Conceits of Master Tyll Owl Glass, comp. and trans. Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie (London: Trübner and Co., 1860), chap. 33 (“How That Owlglass Did Cause an Ass to Read Certain Words Out of a Book at the Great University of Erfurt”).