Circulation of Knowledge

The folks at the New History of Knowledge project have published an informative book entitled Circulation of Knowledge: Explorations in the History of Knowledge, edited by Johan Östling et al. (Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2018). The book is available to read without restrictions as an open access PDF file. The introduction includes useful information about the history of knowledge in relation to other subfields of history.

What Rumors Have Taught Me about Knowledge

Rumors have interested me for a long time—not merely the occasional bits of chatter from my work life but rumors as historical phenomena. In my second semester of undergraduate studies, one of my professors mentioned in passing that the rumor about Christopher Columbus’s return from his first voyage travelled from the Iberian Peninsula to Paris … Continue reading What Rumors Have Taught Me about Knowledge

Spreading the Good News: International Family-Planning Activism and Grassroots Information Networks in the 20th Century

In August 1939, the newly formed Jamaica Birth Control League opened the island’s first birth control clinic in Kingston to distribute diaphragms at cost or free to working-class women. To advertise their services, the League published a small, discreet notice in the “Wanted” section of the Daily Gleaner, the island’s main newspaper. Within a year … Continue reading

From Cultural History to the History of Knowledge

The history of knowledge is flourishing. Exciting conferences are being arranged, new institutional arrangements are emerging, and a whole range of fresh studies are being published. German-speaking scholars have led the way by proclaiming that Wissensgeschichte  (the history of knowledge) is something different than Wissenschaftsgeschichte  (the history of science and scholarship), and in the 2010s … Continue reading