Submission Guidelines

Email your submission of no more than 2,000 words to, and include a note about your academic qualifications. Accepted texts will be edited by an experienced editor so that people not completely at home in English can still contribute.


Reading a blog post is different from reading an academic book or journal article. You can write the same basic way, or less formally, if you prefer, but note that somewhat shorter paragraphs are easier on the eyes when reading on screen.

Scholarly apparatus can entail weblinks, endnotes, or a combination of the two.

For endnotes, simply use that function in your word processing application and follow the Chicago Manual of Style, keeping in mind that less is more in this kind of venue.

Weblinks should be placed in parentheses after the relevant portion of the text from which you want to link.

Texts should generally follow U.S. spellings.


Images may be included if you demonstrate that you have the right to publish them on this weblog. The copyright issues that you encounter in print are relevant here too. To help us make a determination, please include the images as separate files and detailed source information with your submission. If you produced or reproduced the images yourself, please mention that too.

Submit rights along with image captions as a separate Word file, and indicate in the blog draft the approximate desired location for the images.