Legitimizing Science

Axel Jansen, Andreas Franzmann, and Peter Münte, eds., Legitimizing Science: National and Global Publics (1800–2010), (Frankfurt a.M. and New York: Campus, 2015)


This book originated in a 2014 workshop at the University of Tübingen entitled “Science and the Public in the Nation-State: Historic and Current Configurations in Global Perspective, 1800–2010” in connection with a research project by Andreas Franzmann and Axel Jansen on “Professionalization and Deprofessionalization in the Public Context of Science since 1970.”

Quoth the volume editors, “The arrangement of papers on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and their focus on the natural sciences as well as the social sciences reflect our overall approach, first, to retain an investigation of science within general sociology and history, and second, to retain a comprehensive view of curious investigation that is represented by the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities together.”

Section I: Approaches

Legitimizing Science: Introductory Essay
Andreas Franzmann, Axel Jansen and Peter Münte

Transformations in the Interrelation between Science and Nation-States: The Theoretical Perspective of Functional Differentiation
Rudolf Stichweh

Section II: Science in Emerging Nation-States

State—Nation—University: The Nineteenth-Century “German University Model” as a Strategy for National Legitimacy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Dieter Langewiesche

The Symbolic Formation of Science in its Historic Situation: Rudolf Virchow on Science and the Nation
Peter Münte

Science in an Emerging Nation-State: The Case of the Antebellum United States
Axel Jansen

The State-Technoscience Duo in India: A Brief History of a Politico-Epistemological Contract
Shiju Sam Varughese

Section III: Legitimizing Fields of Investigation

Shifting Alliances, Epistemic Transformations: Horkheimer, Pollock, and Adorno and the Democratization of West Germany
Fabian Link

Legitimizing Islamic Studies after 9/11
Andreas Franzmann

Stem Cell Debates in an Age of Fracture
Axel Jansen

The Internationalization of Science, Technology & Innovation (STI): An Emerging Policy Field at the Intersection of Foreign Policy and Science Policy?
Nina Witjes and Lisa Sigl

Section IV: Global Science

The Institutionalization of the European Research Area: The Emergence of Transnational Research Governance and its Consequences
Arne Pilniok

Universalized Third Parties: “Scientized” Observers and the Construction of Global Competition between Nation-States
Tobias Werron

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